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The Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission is proud to provide these short, interactive tutorials to empower you as you navigate the important financial milestones in life, from planning for retirement to thinking about how to send your child to college. We know education leads to confidence, and we want to be your partner as you take the next steps in planning your future. Simply select a pathway to begin your financial wellness journey today.

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The TNFLC, under the leadership of State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr., works to improve the lives of Tennesseans through financial literacy by providing innovative educational resources to Tennessee schools and families. In addition to the Financial Empowerment Resource Library, the TNFLC trains educators to implement financial education in their classrooms, providing a variety of learning opportunities from integrative curriculum and online interactive challenges to hands-on classroom behavioral management systems. To learn more about the Commission, visit TNFLC.org.

State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr. helping a student through financial literacy content on a laptop in class.

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